Friday, 7 January 2011

Looking to the Spring Inworldz

It's been really busy over the last couple of months, and yes! I've neglected these pages for too long! Setting up a Christmas shop in both SL and Inworldz has been an amazing experience for me, away from my usual writing! I've loved every minute of it, and making stuff in Inworldz has been a real buz I never expected. Of course it's time to clear away those dancing penguins and Christmas trees that sold pretty well for me. I didn't charge an awful lot for them, but they paid my rent in Inworldz and kept my first little business afloat, which was more than I expected. I hadn't got used to how to advertise stuff yet, but I did put info on the Inworldz web pages etc with the kind help of Johnny Night. Johnny has lots of experience in both SL and Inworldz on how to run a successful business.
Good friend Johnny sent me a gift this morning. He not only makes fabulous castles, furniture, vehicles and gadgets, he also makes amazing clothes. He sent me an outfit called Drifter and it's brilliant, as you can see from the photos, you get a great hat and boots as well as the stunning costume! It also comes in a man's version! There is a shotgun too, which I will frighten poachers off with!! (but not customers I hope, hehe).

I've started to make a few bits for the Spring, instead of a Fairy Christmas tree I have a little green tree with fairies darting about on it! I like fairies and fantasy stuff so I'm hoping to do some more of those types of items and any other things that I can think of for the Spring and Summer! I'm looking forward to continuing my business Inworldz as well as SL for 2011. A Happy and Prosperous New Year to you all!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Patti's Amusement Park

I went into Inworldz today to make some skating figures, a snowman and a penguin, I had made some for Second Life, so I exported them into IW. I'm having a great time making things, and IW hasn't the restrictions that SL has to display stuff, as renting land and the prim allowance is a lot better financially. When I arrived at my shop I met Patti Mallory who was passing by. Patti kindly bought one of my little houses and the toy train. She told me that she has an amusement park and she wanted to put the house and train on the ice-rink there. I gave her the chapel as well and she gave me a beautiful tip jar. I asked Patti if I could have the landmark for her park and I told her I planned to go over later today to have a look.
I went to Patti's place, Mallory Amusement Park and it's brilliant, she has worked hard to make it very entertaining as well as looking really terrific.

The park has loads of rides to go on as well as a club, the ice rink and lots, lots more. I ventured onto a couple of the rides and they are really exciting, not what I expected at all, you get the feeling of real speed as the ride gains momentum, getting faster and faster. Patti is very clever!!

I was delighted to see my little houses and train on the ice-rink. Pattie had added her magical touch and put a fence around them with Santa on the roof of the house! I felt really pleased that she had included them in her wonderful theme park! I'm going back there with my friends, Patti's place is one not to miss!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

My New Halloween and Christmas Animated Moons

I'm enjoying making stuff in Inworldz so much, I went around hunting for scripts yesterday, I'm not clever enough to try to write my own, and I bought a couple of good ones I can use later. I've made some stuff for SL and got my shop up and running there for Christmas with a few Halloween bits too. So I wanted to put the items Inworldz as well. I'm very pleased with an animated moon I have on display, it's either got witches for Halloween or a Santa and sleigh going around it for Christmas.
I'd like to make some unusual stuff that isn't already being sold, I'm really happy with my Christmas trees and mistletoe etc so I hope people will like them! I bought a lovely polar bear and a couple of reindeer from the shop next door, but she has moved on already, so I hope she is doing well, I'm glad I bought them when I did, as they look really nice on my snowy shop front. I'm in classified now as Janey's Christmas Shop so I'm hoping people will call around to browse!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Shopping Centre Has Grown!

When I bought my parcel of land about 4 weeks ago there were many parcels to choose from and all of a sudden this sim seems to have turned into a vast shopping centre!

I took a wander around the shops and it's lovely, it's all coming to life with people moving in and setting up their businesses. I even found a great little Jazz Club which looks really nice. I feel very at home here already, and I'm gradually adding to my stock for my Christmas Shop and it's looking quite good. I've got a couple of free Halloween pieces on sale too, I may make some more for Halloween if I have time.

Monday, 13 September 2010

My Christmas Shop

I've been wondering what to do in IW, I wanted to set up my news shop as I have it in SL, but so far I haven't got to grips with the scripting of stuff, I just haven't had time basically. Then today I suddenly had an idea, I'm always searching SL for Christmas Decorations as the season starts and although I have bought some wonderful things, I can never really find what I like. So I thought, well, why not start my own shop in IW for Christmas stuff and this is just what I've done. I've only got a few items at the moment, but will be kitting out the shop over the next few weeks. Even if I don't sell anything, and I will be keeping my prices low, it's the fun of doing it, so I'm happy just making a few things anyway. I love all the Christmassy stuff in the real shops, so I'll be in my element both in SL, IW and rl on the lead up to December.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

JTL Designs Have Wondrous Stuff!!

My friend Johnny Night has some brilliant stuff for sale in SL (JTL Designs) and I wrote about a Medieval Castle he built a while ago, so much detail and so well made all of it! Johnny said I could use his place in IW as a base which was lovely of him, so I went over to his Amethyst Isle to have a look around. Johnny has done us proud again with his lovely medieval village and the beauty of it is you can buy all the houses etc.

I noticed a teleport station to a magic forest and I tp'd over there. It was lovely, I spotted a massive tree with a pretty tree house and I went over to explore. I fell in love with the little house nestling in this giant tree and decided to buy it! I might not have room now on the land I have rented, but I will keep it for later when I go on to buy something more rural.

For something so cute, the little house was quite roomy inside and I'm looking forward to the day when I can use it! Johnny also has his medieval castle in IW as well, who knows one day I might get enough land to put that on as well .............................

Monday, 30 August 2010

Shopping For Buildings and Yet More Skin!

I was delighted to find 'Four Winds' owned by Koshari Mahana in Iw. I had met Koshari and written a spotlight about her for Virtually London (lite) a while back. Her creations are absolutely wonderful and if anyone wants a beautiful period house or shop she is the best! I bought a little shop for my plot of land and as it was modify and copy I was able to rez two of them and modify one a little. I am putting together a News shop and I have no idea what else yet! but it's great fun.
I also found some nice furniture but I seem to be having trouble with the poses, as I sit on the floor sometimes instead of in the seat and then I find I'm sinking up to my knees in the floor when I stand up, but I expect it's something I'm doing and I think it will all settle down!

I crashed this morning when I typed 'Skin' in Search. As this had happened a couple of days ago when I typed just 'hair', I knew I had to add a word or two once I had re-logged, so I typed 'Female skin' and it was fine. I went off searching again for some skin and got quite a nice one which wasn't a bad price either. Shopping is hard at the moment, as understandably the designers seem to be testing the waters by only bringing a few of their products in, but for being still in Beta it's very good. When I crashed after typing 'Skin' I got a shock when I re-logged, I had reverted back to my newbie av and even my clothes were newbie. It's a good job my inventory is small as I soon found my hair and eyes and other bits. I've put them all in one folder now in case it happens again!