Wednesday, 20 October 2010

My New Halloween and Christmas Animated Moons

I'm enjoying making stuff in Inworldz so much, I went around hunting for scripts yesterday, I'm not clever enough to try to write my own, and I bought a couple of good ones I can use later. I've made some stuff for SL and got my shop up and running there for Christmas with a few Halloween bits too. So I wanted to put the items Inworldz as well. I'm very pleased with an animated moon I have on display, it's either got witches for Halloween or a Santa and sleigh going around it for Christmas.
I'd like to make some unusual stuff that isn't already being sold, I'm really happy with my Christmas trees and mistletoe etc so I hope people will like them! I bought a lovely polar bear and a couple of reindeer from the shop next door, but she has moved on already, so I hope she is doing well, I'm glad I bought them when I did, as they look really nice on my snowy shop front. I'm in classified now as Janey's Christmas Shop so I'm hoping people will call around to browse!


  1. Your thingies looks really nice! I think I have to go shopping for christmas soon =)

  2. Hi Kranfel,

    Thank you, I'm really enjoying making things!

    Janey :))