Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Patti's Amusement Park

I went into Inworldz today to make some skating figures, a snowman and a penguin, I had made some for Second Life, so I exported them into IW. I'm having a great time making things, and IW hasn't the restrictions that SL has to display stuff, as renting land and the prim allowance is a lot better financially. When I arrived at my shop I met Patti Mallory who was passing by. Patti kindly bought one of my little houses and the toy train. She told me that she has an amusement park and she wanted to put the house and train on the ice-rink there. I gave her the chapel as well and she gave me a beautiful tip jar. I asked Patti if I could have the landmark for her park and I told her I planned to go over later today to have a look.
I went to Patti's place, Mallory Amusement Park and it's brilliant, she has worked hard to make it very entertaining as well as looking really terrific.

The park has loads of rides to go on as well as a club, the ice rink and lots, lots more. I ventured onto a couple of the rides and they are really exciting, not what I expected at all, you get the feeling of real speed as the ride gains momentum, getting faster and faster. Patti is very clever!!

I was delighted to see my little houses and train on the ice-rink. Pattie had added her magical touch and put a fence around them with Santa on the roof of the house! I felt really pleased that she had included them in her wonderful theme park! I'm going back there with my friends, Patti's place is one not to miss!

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