Monday, 13 September 2010

My Christmas Shop

I've been wondering what to do in IW, I wanted to set up my news shop as I have it in SL, but so far I haven't got to grips with the scripting of stuff, I just haven't had time basically. Then today I suddenly had an idea, I'm always searching SL for Christmas Decorations as the season starts and although I have bought some wonderful things, I can never really find what I like. So I thought, well, why not start my own shop in IW for Christmas stuff and this is just what I've done. I've only got a few items at the moment, but will be kitting out the shop over the next few weeks. Even if I don't sell anything, and I will be keeping my prices low, it's the fun of doing it, so I'm happy just making a few things anyway. I love all the Christmassy stuff in the real shops, so I'll be in my element both in SL, IW and rl on the lead up to December.


  1. Give me the dish! What region are you in? Who's your landlord? It's never too early to shop for Christmas! Definately need to post your stuff/shop in the Inworldz Forums. They even have a seasonal category under their shop ads.

    Oops, just seen the slurl link!

  2. Hi Johnny,

    Thanks for the link! I'm just making my stock at the moment and enjoying it a lot! I've got a few bits for sale and will look at the forum today!
    Janey :))