Thursday, 2 September 2010

JTL Designs Have Wondrous Stuff!!

My friend Johnny Night has some brilliant stuff for sale in SL (JTL Designs) and I wrote about a Medieval Castle he built a while ago, so much detail and so well made all of it! Johnny said I could use his place in IW as a base which was lovely of him, so I went over to his Amethyst Isle to have a look around. Johnny has done us proud again with his lovely medieval village and the beauty of it is you can buy all the houses etc.

I noticed a teleport station to a magic forest and I tp'd over there. It was lovely, I spotted a massive tree with a pretty tree house and I went over to explore. I fell in love with the little house nestling in this giant tree and decided to buy it! I might not have room now on the land I have rented, but I will keep it for later when I go on to buy something more rural.

For something so cute, the little house was quite roomy inside and I'm looking forward to the day when I can use it! Johnny also has his medieval castle in IW as well, who knows one day I might get enough land to put that on as well .............................

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