Monday, 30 August 2010

Shopping For Buildings and Yet More Skin!

I was delighted to find 'Four Winds' owned by Koshari Mahana in Iw. I had met Koshari and written a spotlight about her for Virtually London (lite) a while back. Her creations are absolutely wonderful and if anyone wants a beautiful period house or shop she is the best! I bought a little shop for my plot of land and as it was modify and copy I was able to rez two of them and modify one a little. I am putting together a News shop and I have no idea what else yet! but it's great fun.
I also found some nice furniture but I seem to be having trouble with the poses, as I sit on the floor sometimes instead of in the seat and then I find I'm sinking up to my knees in the floor when I stand up, but I expect it's something I'm doing and I think it will all settle down!

I crashed this morning when I typed 'Skin' in Search. As this had happened a couple of days ago when I typed just 'hair', I knew I had to add a word or two once I had re-logged, so I typed 'Female skin' and it was fine. I went off searching again for some skin and got quite a nice one which wasn't a bad price either. Shopping is hard at the moment, as understandably the designers seem to be testing the waters by only bringing a few of their products in, but for being still in Beta it's very good. When I crashed after typing 'Skin' I got a shock when I re-logged, I had reverted back to my newbie av and even my clothes were newbie. It's a good job my inventory is small as I soon found my hair and eyes and other bits. I've put them all in one folder now in case it happens again!

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