Friday, 27 August 2010

Exciting Times Ahead!

Well I haven't got my avatar the way I want it yet and my walk isn't right and I hate the way my animation makes me pose so vainly when I stand still, but I will find another animation for my walk and I will alter my appearance and enjoy the shopping on the way! I've enjoyed this InWorldz so far! Yes I've only been in InWorldz for a few days, I had wanted to have a look ever since my friend Hibiscus Hastings posted about Victoriana moving onto the new grid on CNN. I did more than look, I got quite excited about this new world today I even rented a piece of land, the exchange rate is so good that I can afford a lot more than I can in SL. Don't get me wrong, I'm not giving up SL, I love it too much, but I decided I wanted to explore InWorldz too and some of my friends are already here, Hibiscus Hastings, Boye Jervil, Eliza Janus, Johnnytreadlightly Nightfire, Alphonso Pigeon and Headburro Antfarm, and probably lots more that I haven't caught up with yet. Then I suddenly thought that I would dedicate a blog especially to InWorldz as my other blogs are about SL and obviously the two will never mix, so here we go, my new blog for a new virtual world, well it is still in Beta! This is my journey and it is about to begin.........


  1. Welcome to inWorldz! Yes its quite affordable here =))

    Abraninmation has great walks. U can either but a whole ao or just some animations. then u can put it all in the client if u use Imprudence. That gives u a lot less lag.

  2. Hi Vesper,

    Thank you for the advice about the ao! I'll have a go! and hope you don't mind, I've put a link to your blog on this site, I've just had a look and I think it's great!

    Janey :))

  3. So let me get this well as CNN, Janey's Place in Second Life, Our Virtual Trilogy & Virtually London're now starting Janey's Place in Inworldz???? Ye gods woman, do you ever sleep?????? :)

    Nicely done..if you get the chance, pop over to Kranfel's place (Lost River)...really nice work. Oh, also Soror Nishi Island...

    I really do need to find me some land.....

  4. Hi Alex,

    Yes I am a little insane to start yet another blog! I just thought I’d keep my SL separate to IW. I will have to see how I go with falling asleep at the keyboard! I hope you find your land soon, I have rented a small parcel for now, well it’s quite big compared to what I have in SL and cheaper too, with loads of prims to use. I’ll check those places you mention out as well, thank you!

    Janey :)